Turning on my 3D printer with my cellphone.

The FlashForge Creator Pro is a great 3D printer. One gripe I have with it is that the power switch is located in an awkward position. In the back, right behind the power cable.

I recently got into home automation, and decided to use a remote switch for my printer. I use the Smart Things system. Their outlets cost $55, and I wasn't looking to tie this outlet to any routines. So I was hesitant about buying another one for the printer. I was browsing Reddit and saw the TP Link HS 100 WiFi outlet, on Amazon, on sale for $19.99. Killer deal!

Had it in 2 days (thanks Prime) and installation only took about 5 minutes. Press the WPS button on your router, and the button on the switch, and they automatically connect. The green light means it's connected.

I then downloaded the Kasa app from the Google Play store. The app is clean and easy to use. Tapping the power button almost instantly powers on the device. There is no lag like other smart outlets. You can set up a schedule, set away time, and use a timer. There is also a runtime history, so you can view the total on-time for the outlet.

I just leave the printer's power switch on and use the app to control it. I haven't found a web interface yet; the app seems to be the only way to control it.

I highly recommend the TP Link HS 100, especially if you can catch it on sale (camelcamelcamlel.com). You can check it out here.

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