3D Printed Compressive Strength Comparison

Simplify3d has several options for infill pattern. I was curious which option offered the best compressive strength. ASTM D695 lays out some guide lines for testing the compressive strength of plastics. The test specimen is  1/2" x 1/2" x 1". I printed two of each of the following infill patterns: rectilinear, grid, triangular, wiggle, fast honeycomb, full honeycomb. All at 10% infill density. Print time for two ranged from 44-47 minutes. Material was Matchbox orange ABS.

Simplify3d infill patterns

I was graciously allowed to use my alma mater university's testing equipment. Below is the test bench I used.

Machine that was used for testing

The readout displayed the current load, compressed displacement, and compressive strain

The white portions of the specimen are where the plastic is stretching. I found this very fascinating, almost like a real time FEA displacement model.

And now for the results!
Unfortunately I didn't save the results for Full Honeycomb (b). It was similar to the first result.

Max Compressive Strength

Grid infill was the clearly the best with nearly 28 MPa (~4000 psi) compressive yield strength. Compare that to ~65 MPa (~9400 psi) for solid ABS. 

Max Compressive Force

Again the grid infill was the strongest. Supporting 455 kgf (just over 1000 pounds). I was very impressed.

Below is the output data along with the stress curve for each specimen.

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